cobra whip is...

Sex, drugs & rock n' roll. The cloth from which every Cobra Whip tune is cut, and with zero fucks given. The rawness of the guitar tone, the reverberating arena rock sound of the bass and drums, vocals that remind you that pure rock and roll was once the soundtrack for the headbanger backyard keg party where you smoked your first spliff and shotgunned your first beer. The very foundation that was paved by those who came before us... Motörhead, AC/DC, Van Halen. Picking up where those bands left off and incorporating some influence from our modern day hero's.Nashville Pussy, Viking Skull, Valient Thorr, etc.

Band Behind Barn.jpg


The Band:

Andrew Petkovic - Vocals, Guitars
Austin LoBiondo - Guitars
Corey Pettingill - Bass
Brendan Burns - Drums